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  • When does an employer need to complete an Ownership Change Form (ERM-14)?


    Whenever there is a change in ownership, a change in the legal status, a change in the name of the company, or a second entity is purchased.

  • What will happen to my experience modification when I sell my company?


    When a company is sold, the experience is transferred to the new owner.

  • If a husband owns one company and a wife owns a separate company, can they be combined for experience rating?


    They would not be combinable for experience rating. Husbands and wives are considered individuals for workers' compensation purposes.

  • What if I purchase another company?


    The experience of the company that was purchased will be combined with the experience of your existing company to create a single experience modification that will apply to both companies.

  • What is considered ownership in a Limited Partnership?


    General Partners are considered majority owners in a Limited Partnership.